Children's Programs

Our goal for children's ministry at CalTab is to partner with families by creating a safe and fun learning environment for children. We want to teach children truths from God's word on their level, challenge them to live it out and help parents to reinforce these key concepts. All of our children's workers have undergone background checks and training prior to volunteering in this ministry. 

Here's a challenge for you!

Hi Friends! We want you to find your favorite bible story or verse, and recreate it using household items! You can use just about anything, play-doh, toys, laundry, food, furniture, etc. You can even color or paint a picture! We know we have many little talented artists in our group, and so want you to use that imagination and creativity to retell your favorite bible story! Like with the crazy hair challenge, the leadership team will vote on winners! We want this to be a fun time of interaction for all of you!

The rules are very simple...
1) You must use items that are already in your home.
2) Send your entries to Ashley Butts or Brenda O’Brien at!
3) Submit your creations by Friday night, July 24th, 2020!
4) And most importantly...HAVE FUN!!!

A picture example is here to the right. This is the story of when Moses was placed in a basket in the river, and the pharaoh’s daughter found him. 

(Exodus 2).