Adult Programs

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  • Life Groups

    Interested in getting connected to other individuals like you at CalTab?

    We believe this is a massive part of our growth in our relationship with Christ, and in our relationship with other like-minded believers! 

    Click the picture to express your interest in small groups.

  • Sunday Summer Electives

    Join us during either of our services in the Loft as we offer two elective classes that dive deeper into the truths of God's word.

    9:00am - "How do I know it's True? A 10-week study of the foundations of the Christian faith"

    (Teacher - Nathan Tumey) 

    We will discuss some of the "big" questions that haunt many believers and unbelievers alike, such as: How do we know that God exists? Where did the Bible come from? Is it really trustworthy? Does science disprove the Bible? How can God send someone to hell? How do I know Jesus rose from the dead? We particularly encourage families to attend this class together. This class will be discussion oriented, and it will be appropriate for ages 12 to 100!

    10:30am- Comprehensive Overview of 5 Bible Doctrines: Theology (God), Anthropology (Man), Hamartiology (Sin), Soteriology (Redemption/Salvation) and Ecclesiology (Church)

    (Teacher - Dean Silver)

    Join us as we do a Biblically comprehensive (not exhaustive) overview of the above doctrines. We will spend 2 weeks on each doctrine. This class will be interactive and participants can expect to participate to help ensure practical application of the truths studied.

  • Grow College & Career small group

    GROW is a group for young adults that have a desire to grow their faith in God. Whether you are in college or in the early stages of your career, we offer a judgement-free, welcoming environment where young people can ask questions and connect with other believers.  Join us at 6pm in the Loft every Sunday evening! Click the picture to the left to contact Nathan Tumey for more information, and CLICK HERE to view the Grow Facebook page.

  • Ladies bible studies & Small Groups

    Would you like to join in on women's programs at CalTab? Click the picture to connect to Ladies Bible Study and Calvary's Women's Events.

  • Men's Bible Study

    Community is essential to the deepening of our faith. Click the picture to get connected to the Men's Bible Study at CalTab.

  • right now media

    RightNow Media is a service provided that is often described as "Netflix for churches." Click the picture to request an invitation to RightNow media to explore this awesome resource for your family!

    While you wait for your invite, CLICK HERE to view limited content for those without a username.

  • Senior Club

    Every Tuesday our senior citizens of CalTab meet in our gymnasium for a time of fellowship, fun and encouragement in the word of God. If you, or someone you know is interested in more information on this page, click the photo to the left and fill out our connection card to get in touch with us!